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De Maio and Partners specialises in family law, where we provide assistance in matters of filiation and paternity, separation and divorce.


De Maio and Partners specialises in international donation deeds, international probates, international wills, acceptance and renunciation of inheritance, suspended inheritance, division of estates.


De Maio & Partners works with tax team, specifically with dott. Povolo - Fatca and his team.

The partnership has the main goal to ease the communication for the clients with both tax team and legal team.


We are much more.

We are expert in other main activities. 

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Our team is composed by several experts, leader in their area. Our main goal is providing a complete legal and tax assistance.
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Passione per il nostro lavoro, precisione, rapidità e chiarezza nelle risposte. Il nostro obiettivo costante è di offrire ad ogni singolo cliente un’assistenza legale e fiscale su misura sia per l’elaborazione delle migliori soluzioni operative sia per il suggerimento di rimedi innovativi e in anticipo sulle criticità. Sappiamo quanto sia fondamentale per i clienti la comprensione da parte nostra delle loro esigenze e delle tipicità dei mercati in cui operano. È conoscendo i contesti e le caratteristiche degli interlocutori che si arriva ad assicurare un’assistenza davvero efficace ed una consulenza utile alla realizzazione dei progetti.
De Maio & Partners constantly investing in specialisation to ensure the highest quality of service. We now have 6 departments, each dedicated to a specific area of expertise. Professionals from the different areas coordinate and work together in a continuous exchange of information and expertise. This ensures a clear and comprehensive view of all relevant issues, enabling us to handle the most complex operations and meet the most demanding requirements. When we are asked to take on a project, we put together a project team made up of professionals from the various departments, based on the professional specialisations required. For the client, this operational approach means: high quality standards, reduced timeframes and - also - competitive costs. Simply excellence, which for us means passion for the subject matter, solid teamwork and, above all, an ethical foundation: commitment to the client's interests.
De Maio & Partners are present in the main foreign jurisdictions through a sophisticated and flexible network of collaborations with law firms of the highest level of experience and specialisation. Clients faced with the complexity of international transactions can always rely on direct contact with our professionals who monitor and coordinate the work of foreign firms. In the International sector, we have a team of professionals who are experts in the rules applicable in the various jurisdictions and who are able to work with the best local specialists who are part of a strategic network of international and local law firms. We also handle all our advisory and transactional work for national and international clients in English, German and Spanish.
Jeannette Evelyn De Maio is an expert in international inheritance, international wills, family estate planning and protection, and trusts.
Jeannette has gained extensive experience enabling her to offer clients a broader perspective in planning and protecting family assets across Europe and non-EU countries, dealing with generational transitions, family pacts, asset and inheritance divisions. She has assisted several family-controlled business groups in their reorganisation of ownership structures also for inheritance purposes.
She specialised in international inheritance law at the European University of Munich, where she was appointed associate professor at the same chair until 2016.
In Freiburg 2018 she obtained the title of European Lawyer specialising in International Succession and Wills and in 2019 the title of European Lawyer specialising in Planning, Protection of Family Assets and Trusts.
Since 2022 she has been a Notary at the Holy See